Doris Denekamp
05-10-1984 Heemstede, the Netherlands
works in Rotterdam, NL


2009-2011 Dutch Art Institute, MA Fine Art, NL
2004-2008 BA Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht, NL
Oct-Feb 2007/2008 BA Fine Art, Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin, DE

Selection of exhibitions and projects:

Noem me Ismael - project at 'Het Vijfde Seizoen', part of the temporary ateliers funded by the Mondriaan Fund. [an informal strategies project]
I was, I am and I will be - research residency in Dresden, funded by the Goethe Institute Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam.
If Bees Are Few... - installation and publication in collaboration with Jimini Hignett, part of 'The Non-Urban Garden', a project initiated by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim.
OPEN/CLOSED - intervention in Amsterdam Noord, part of the program 'De Winkel op de Hoek' initiated by Rhizomatic. [an informal strategies project]
Sleeping as an act of non-cooperation - performative lecture during "5 1/2 proposals to work and live in the current millennium", a symposium organized by Oblique International.

Tower Upside Down - video installation during ‘Scenographies’, a series of solo shows curated by Clare Butcher in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. [an informal strategies project]
Tower Upside Down, Prelude - video installation and performance at IASPIS during the Open House, Stockholm. [an informal strategies project]
Wishing Well - series of performances during 'Non-Locations', a performance program run by PAE as part of the Enschede Biennale. [an informal strategies project]
Privacy Statement - project in the public space of Zoetermeer, part of the group show 'Zoetermeer Utopia' in Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer. This project is a collaboration with Geert van Mil and artist duo Elke Uitentuis and Wouter Osterholt.
Wishing Well - performance at PuntWG in Amsterdam. Part of 'Here comes the summer sun'; a week long program curated by Clare Butcher. [an informal strategies project]
Void Zero - video installation, part of the group show 'Thesis' in Metamatic:TAF, Athens [an informal strategies project]
Expedition is its mode - postcard project during the 'Where Are We Going, Walt Whitman?' conference week of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam [an informal strategies project]
In collaboration with Clare Butcher and the WAWGWW design team.
Wishing Well - performance during 'Cancelled out by Noises and Whispers' an evening in Het Wilde Weten, organized together with Eva Olthof, Emilio Moreno and Matthijs van Wageningen, Rotterdam [an informal strategies project]

Cancelled Out By Noises And Whispers #1 - performative presentation by informal strategies and Eva Olthof during INexactely THIS/ de kunstvlaai - Amsterdam
Our Swedisch Neighbor - Map of Ever Changing Borders - installation and A3-publication during the group show ‘Present!’ - BAK - Utrecht [an informal strategies project]
Our Swedisch Neighbor - Organizing Space - performative lecture and A3-publication - Platforma, MNAC Anexa - Bucharest [an informal strategies project]
Handboek voor de Stadswildernis - publication - part of group show ‘De Geheime Tuin’ - CBK - Rotterdam
Park - video screening at Rotterdams Open Doek, Rotterdam, NL
The Big Smoke - video screening at the Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam, NL
Licht, Lucht en Ruimte, Portret van een Wijk - video screening at the Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam, NL

Handbook for the City Wild – performance presentation at PrintRoom, Rotterdam, NL
Meal Machine - part of the group exhibition ‘The Grand Domestic Revolution – User’s Manual’ – retrospective of the two year program curated by Casco, Utrecht, NL
Wilde Verlangens – an evening program during the Museum Night in Delft, NL - around the Handbook for the City Wild with a wild food dinner, a lecture on foraging, a lecture performance on the handbook and Park – a video installation with music by Matthijs van Wageningen.
Kleinpolder in Beweging – project in the public space of Overschie Oost, Rotterdam, NL – in collaboration with Alex Strik, Geert van Mil and Mette Sterre
Handbook for the City Wild – official book launch – Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, NL
Meal Machine Meeting – Town Meeting May – The AVANT GARDEN and artistic (de)fense – Casco, Utrecht, NL
The Anarchitecture File – exhibition in the context of Autonomy Newspaper #2 – Onomatopee, Eindhoven, NL
Meal Machine – ongoing project in the context of Users Manual: Grand Domestic Revolution – Casco, Utrecht, NL
in collaboration with Arend Groosman

Licht, Lucht en Ruimte Portret van een wijk – short film screened in Kleinpolder, Rotterdam, NL, in collaboration with Geert van Mil
ANARCHITECTURE – project in the railway zone in Delft, NL
Constellation for Tengri – installation in de context of Good Trip Bad Trip – curated by Mark Kremer, Enschede, NL

The Big Smoke – video – Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam, NL
in collaboration with Geert van Mil
Phantom der Nacht – festival in the Kromstraat, Delft, NL
curated in collaboration with Geert van Mil
Voices for Apollo – video installation – Open Art Fair, Utrecht, NL
in collaboration with Geert van Mil
Don’t talk just kiss – video – Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht, NL
in collaboration with Geert van Mil
The big smoke – video – Hotel Centraal, Rotterdam, NL
in collaboration with Geert van Mil

Mission Minotaur – video installation , exposition shortlist Piet Bakker Award – Academie Galerie, Utrecht, NL
Captured Movements – video installation – Media Art festival, Leeuwarden, NL
Room Without a Number – video installation – Paraat #4 – de Veemvloer, Amsterdam, NL
Room Without a Number/ Captured Movements – video installation – Startpoint 2008 – At the White Unicorn, Klatovy, CZ

July-October 2013 residency at IASPIS, Sweden. Part of the Mondriaan Foundation residencies.
July-August 2012 residency at Bucharest AIR, Romania.
April 2012 residency at The Good Hatchery, Ireland.
2011-2012 Research residency in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht, NL. Invitation by Expodium.

If Bees Are Few... - artist publication, a collaboration with Jimini Hignett, published as part of a project initiated by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim

Our Swedish Neighbor - artist publication by informal strategies, published by Expodium.

Handboek voor de Stadswildernis - artist publication, published by the Dutch Art Institute in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie.
The Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On - publication by Casco, Utrecht, NL

residency grant for a work period at Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder by the Mondriaan Fund
residency grant for a work period in Dresden by the Goethe Institute Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam

residency grant for a work period at IASPIS, Sweden by the Mondriaan Fund
research and development grant by CBK Rotterdam.

publication grant for Handboek voor de Stadswildernis, stichting Stokroos