Our Swedish Neighbor
an informal strategies project

Our Swedish Neighbor is published by Expodium as the final outcome of the working period at locatie:Kanaleneiland in Utrecht. The publication reflects on the Dutch post-war neighborhood Kanaleneiland through a timeline that combines three strands of history; of modern architecture, of immigrant laborers in Utrecht and of IKEA as one of the most successful multinationals and an prominent inhabitant of the neighborhood. By bringing together these separate historical narratives, strong relations become apparent.

Our Swedish Neighbor is distributed by Expodium through their website and different bookstores. Or write us an email.

This publication is realized with the support of the VSB fund.

p. 2-3 image: 1926 - SS Patris II p. 4-5 - Cora Nicolai-Challet p. 6-7 Photo by informal strategies p.8-9 Photo p. 10-11 Turkish workers