3 steps towards a future
an informal strategies project

This poster project travels on fences, electricity boxes and pillars in the public space of Exarchia, Athens. This public space functions as a social message board for all kinds of ideas; it is an urban form of Facebook where amongst other subjects politics and football are discussed. With three different posters informal strategies participated in this debate, aiming to talk about the financial crisis as directly as possible.

These three posters offer steps towards an integration of Eurozone member states into a constructive cooperation, that transgresses the contemporary pointing of fingers (the southern countries lived above their standards and have to pay for it now / the northern countries are plundering the southern countries at the cost of their civilians). In stead they aim towards political and financial cooperation and propose the European Investment Bank as a surplus recycling mechanism, that can reverse the flow of money towards those deficit countries where investment is necessary.

1. The European Central Bank can and should force banks to kill off poor countries' debt.

2. The European Central Bank can and should take responsibility for a part of all member countries' debt.

3. The European Investment Bank should recycle money from rich to poor countries.

The small text at the bottom of all three posters says: "In a monetary union having too much credit is the same crime as having too little."

The theoretical basis of this project is heavily indebted to the Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis and his book The Global Minotaur.