VOID 0 - work in progress

During the month April, when the swallows returned from Africa, the collective informal strategies worked on a video piece in The Good Hatchery. Largely isolated of the daily news in the midlands of Ireland, we aimed to see the stories behind the society of today. In the midst of the enchanting bog lands we used the camera as a dowsing rod in search for our contemporary myths.
Learning from the rich history of Ireland, the Celtic Tiger and its magnificent tradition of story telling, we were able to see the connection between the towers of Ballymun and the great city of Babylon. Between the excavation of the black earth and the gaze of the Costumer Returns.


harvesting the bog
drying peat
heaping turfs
eating the soil
burning the earth

digging away the ground
redigging the lake
vertical traveling
going into the deep

exhuming bog bodies
undigging their graves
digging graves
fueling the fire
exchanging energy

keeping warm
leaving toxic ash

feeding the tiger
scraping away at the old goddess
eating mummy
traveling through time

skimming off the top
creating space
taking the load off
opening up

fertilizing the lawn
masking your face
powering peat plants
enabling industry
becoming independent from Europe

closing the magic portal
earning money
cleaning up the waste
dig in


building the towers
climbing the walls
speaking the language
naming the heroes

dreaming the dreams
drawing the windows
scraping the sky

counting the floors
taking the chances

writing on the wall

burning the concrete
chasing the rats
riding the horses
that is how mad we are

bombing the statues
imploding the high rise
erasing the streets

screaming for ice cream
unpacking the flatpack
that is how mad we are

Bog bodies in the National Museum