Park - video
with music by Matthijs van Wageningen

Park is a video on Cubbon Park, one of the most important public gardens of Bangalore, India. This botanical garden is started by the English in 1870 and is characterized by its great diversity of local as well as exotic plants. Nowadays the park is - as one of the few non-privatized public spaces - under great pressure of the fast growing IT city.

The camera functions as an observing eye which sees the park as a languid moving biotope, encircled by rushing traffic. The soundtrack of crescendo string instruments, composed by Matthijs van Wageningen, amplifies the beauty of the images as well as the danger that seems to be looming in the shadows. People and stray dogs wander between the towering trees till they dissapear as suddenly as they had emerged.

Although it is clear that the city is about to devour the park, it sometimes seems as if the wilderness seizes the people and its environment.

Park was shot during a trip in the context of Negotiating Equity, a project by the Dutch Art Institute, curated by Renée Ridgway.

Park | 7:06 min.

At the exhibition 'Wilde Verlangens' during museum night in Delft the video was played inside a spacial installation. The timber construction, in the shape of a dubble piramid, is made of multiplex sheets and a timber frame. The rear piramid hides a beamer which projects the video on a PVC screen. The viewer is enveloped by the structure and can listen to the soundtrack through headphones. Although the viewer is still in the big exhibition space, he or she is sheltered from external stimuli. The installation creates the conditions nescessary to view the video. At the same time the structure confines the images of the park, mirroring the architecture of the city which confines the park itself.