Meal Machine - living installation at Casco's Grand Domestic Revolution apartment in Utrecht
installation in collaboration with Arend Groosman

Meal Machine is a domestic greenhouse robot - an extension of the existing architecture of the Casco apartment on 'de Bemuurde Weerd' in Utrecht. From the bedroom window Meal Machine grows on to the balcony. This new space, on the border of inside and outside, gives room to four plant trays. These trays are equipped with an automatic drip emitter system and LED lighting - blue LEDS for the development of leaves and red LEDS for flowering. The LED lighting - a state of the art growing technique - gives the Meal Machine a strange, purple gleam - a beacon for surrounding dwellings. This high-tec edition, based on open source and DIY manuals from internet, frees home growing from the nostalgia characterizing radical homemakers - a contemporary movement which aims to produce food in a traditional way, locally and on a small scale. By introducing the automation of food production in the domestic sphere, the Meal Machine is proposing a new way of city gardening, taking the busy schedule of the citizen into account.

The menu shows the meal produced in the first cycle of the Meal Machine. This Meal was collectively harvested, prepared and eaten during a Town Meeting in Casco's apartment. The collective labour which results in a shared meal forms a new kind of harvest ritual which creates space for critical reflection on food production and the sharing of knowledge on home growing.

The Meal Machine was represented as a residue in the exhibition The Grand Domestic Revolution in 'het Volksbuurtmuseum' curated by CASCO.