Licht, Lucht en Ruimte - portret van een wijk
video made by Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil
music by Matthijs van Wageningen

Licht, Lucht en Ruimte means Light, Air and Space and was one of the credo’s of modern architecture in the period of 1915 until 1960. In post-war Rotterdam Lotte Stam-Beese, as a major urban designer, built many of the city’s neighborhoods according to this principle. In 2010 we made a movie based on our research on this period and it’s ideals, focussing on the neighborhood Kleinpolder in Rotterdam, NL.
The movie is situated in a dreamlike conceptual space, which we based on newspaper reports stemming from that period.

“Kleinpolder is let down on the land as a piece of scenery.”
R. Blijstra in “Het vrije Volk”, 1952

In the movie the apartment blocks seem to move without friction, as ideals in a dream state where there are no inhabitants or opposing ideals. The aim of the movie is to show that the now dilapidated living quarters originate from very idealistic and utopian ideas about society and that not only materials, but also ideals change in the passing of time.
As a result it questions the ideals on which the new urban design is based, which reinvests in times before urban planning, when cities grew organically, but now designed top-down.

Commissioned by housing corporation Woonstad Rotterdam.