Since a few years a lot of my projects are collaborations with Geert van Mil and others under the name informal strategies. For more information and updates on these projects, please visit the informal strategies website.

In 2015 my practice is generously funded by the Mondriaan Fund through a stipendium for emerging artists.

Feb/March/April 2015
Residency at Careof, Milan
Together with Jimini Hignett, I am invited by Careof for a residency in the context of the Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On; a traveling exhibition initiated by Casco in Utrecht. As a follow up of our If Bees are Few... project we are going to focus on honey from the region of Milan. Honey can be seen as an alternative archive or map of the region in which it is produced. Through talking to local bee keepers and honey testers we aim to learn more about how honey can give us a special sensory experience of the area. The final outcome of this research will be presented at Careof.

If Bees are Few...
— this line from a poem by the American poet Emily Dickinson formed the starting point for this publication by Doris Denekamp and Jimini Hignett — if the bees disappear... then what about gardens, fruits, honey, ... But also what about the rich mythology around bees? The book consists of a visual archive of the relation between man and bee over time. Only the bee itself has completely disappeared. In reaction to this image material the British writer Simon Ings wrote a short story in which mankind adjusted to the lack of bees. The cover of the book is made with special paper that is impregnated with seeds — plant the book to see it grow into a garden for bees! This publication is part of the bigger project If Bees are Few ..., produced in 2014 as part of The Non Urban Garden — Gardens of the 21st century by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. Read more about the project here.

Concept: Doris Denekamp and Jimini Hignett
Authors: Simon Ings, Doris Denekamp and Jimini Hignett
Desing: Anna Haas
Edition: 600
Language: Dutch and English
Price: €18 (ex. shipping costs)

To order a publication, please send an email to

24 April 2015
Call me Ishmael - Noem me Ismaël
In the end of April the publication Call me Ishmael/Noem me Ismaël will be launched in Het Dolhuys – Museum van de Geest. The book is co-published Het Vijfde Seizoen and published by Jap Sam Books.

This publication is a result of a working period at Het Vijfde Seizoen, a residency in an old pavilion on the grounds of 'De Willem Arntsz Hoeve' – a psychiatric institution. The title from the book is taken from Moby Dick, the epic sea story written by Herman Melville. During three months we have read this book together with the inhabitants of the Willem Arntsz Hoeve. These reading sessions enabled the participants to tell their own personal stories in the context of a long tradition of story telling.

This residency in Het Vijfde Seizoen is part of the temporary ateliers of the Mondriaan Fund and is generously supported by them.

The publication is generously supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the Yske-Walther Fund and the Theodora Niemeyer Fund.